My mental breakdown

It follows. even after you think you've been through the worst part. It's there and it won't leave, because it knows you can't let go. So many memories have made you who you are now, and you feel if you forget, you will forget who you are. It is important to know who I am, … Continue reading My mental breakdown


The Dear – My Dear

What many of you won't understand, is what exactly the Dear is. And I guess it's normal. It's not very common for a valley/ravine to carry such a name. But you see, in my perfect little world, it does! This is the place where a lot of my stories took place. It is the place … Continue reading The Dear – My Dear

How to handle people

I can't fake friendship. I am friendly in my own way and I like interesting people. But people are tiring. In a group, it gets exhausting, especially if there are new additions and they're trying to make themselves acceptable. It all turns into a fucking joke, I get annoyed and then move on. There's a … Continue reading How to handle people

I missed me so much

Today is the first "1st of March" I have had in 5 years. I have been away all this time. And when you're away, in another country, another climate, different cultures, by yourself, things change inside your brain. For instance, the smell of home is forgotten. It didn't smell of anything familiar in England. It … Continue reading I missed me so much

You’re a concrete mess if you…

Ran away from your responsibilities for at least one day and never regretted a thing.Went to sleep in the open air after having possibly the best vegetarian meal not even knowing it was meat-free.Found a tree with a view, claim it yours, brought your friends and sat in it for ages.Been caught by the local … Continue reading You’re a concrete mess if you…

Home isn’t where Google says it is.

Since I've been brought to this world, I have physically lived in a few places. I have learned that I can adapt anywhere and make every sort of environment around me a cosy place I can call my own. I have loved every one of those places didn't matter how far I was from my … Continue reading Home isn’t where Google says it is.